Design Bloc professor speaks with students around a table after a workshop.

Design Bloc

Design Bloc

Georgia Tech's students, staff, faculty, and entrepreneurs excel at tackling technically complex problems. As part of that community, Design Bloc believes problem-solvers benefit from turning a critical eye to their problem statement. In any challenge, we look for the most benefit to all stakeholders.

Design Bloc teaches world-class problem solvers how to be thoughtful problem framers. These leaders reassess challenges, find alternate definitions to problems, and shift their perspective to identify diverse solutions inclusive of multiple user needs.

Take a workshop, join a class, or collaborate with us. We'll help you reframe your problem at Design Bloc. 

Student works off of two screens to turn a digital photo into a digital sketch in the Design Bloc space.

Join a Class

Dive outside the core curriculum with a project-based class from Design Bloc. These courses invite students from all backgrounds to collaborate through design in subjects ranging from bio-inspired art to sustainable entrepreneurship. 

Hands surround a table full of post-it notes and sketches during a brainstorming session.

Take a Workshop

Gain hands-on experience with a set of tools and techniques that will help you solve your own open-ended problems. Find an upcoming event hosted on campus, or reach out to us to develop an on-site workshop series tailored to your team. 

Hands mold dough into prototype utensil during a Design Bloc workshop on empathy for the user.

Recent Collaborations

Faculty in the Excel Certificate Program partnered with Design Bloc to improve students’ experience and outcomes by practicing key design behaviors like empathetic design.

Over a series of workshops, faculty learned and implemented design tools in the field of education. The outcome was a framework for identifying and fulfilling the needs of students with developmental disabilities. 

Reach Out to Us

Whether you're a student looking to join our team, or an organization seeking to introduce your workforce to design-thinking techniques, we want to hear from you. Connect with us!