Design Bloc staff work together, assembly-line-style, to test a new method for silk-screening in the Woodruff Innovation Hub.

About Us

About Us

Our community at Georgia Tech excels at solving technically complex problems. As Design Bloc, we go a step further to help our world-class problem solvers become thoughtful problem framers: leaders who can step back, reimagine the problem, understand their users’ points of view, and direct their efforts toward an optimal solution.  

Our Approach: Design Behaviors

Five symbols representing the five design behaviors: contextual awareness, entrepreneurial sustainability, rapid iteration, empathy, and creative craft.

We practice five behaviors to tackle open-ended problems.

Contextual awareness, entrepreneurial sustainability, rapid iteration, empathy, and creative craft are frames of mind that keep us grounded in the real-world context of our projects and drive us to understand multiple stakeholders' needs before pursuing a solution. 

We lead workshops, teach classes, and work with community and industry partners to help everyone tackle their own open-ended problems using design behaviors. 

What We Do

We provide opportunities for Georgia Tech students, faculty, staff, and members of our surrounding communities and industries. Through our intensive workshops, hands-on classes, and partnerships with organizations and our growing community, we provide participants with firsthand experience in problem-framing techniques that they can apply to their specific field of expertise.  

Check out our current class offerings, available workshops, and recent collaborations to see how you can get involved in Design Bloc.

Students work on low-fidelity prototypes during a design workshop for incoming students at Design Bloc.

New Student Options

New to Tech? Check out courses that connect you with a diverse group of teammates.
Woman drafts a sketch of an ice cream scoop mechanism for a Design Bloc course.

Classes Offered

Take a course at an intersection between disciplines and get your hands on a project you can be proud of.
Man molds dough prototype during a Design Bloc workshop on empathy

Workshops Offered

Learn how to approach problems using the design process and gain a skillset to apply on any open-ended problem.
Workshop participants sort user feedback onto an affinity map during the Design Bloc partnership with the Excel certificate program.


See how we've helped other organizations tackle open-ended problems using Design Behaviors.

Meet Our Team

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Reach Out to Us

Whether you're a student looking to join our team, or an organization seeking to introduce your workforce to design-thinking techniques, we want to hear from you. Connect with us!